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Our mission

Fueling Dreams, Fostering Success: Our Mission Unveiled

Our mission at the Dream Center's Dream Builders Collective is to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing comprehensive support, resources, and a collaborative community environment. We aim to fuel innovation, drive business success, and create lasting impact by equipping our members with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

Our team

Meet our Team

Guided by our experienced mentors, discover how to navigate the business landscape, secure your enterprise, and achieve meaningful profits. Our team is here to support, challenge, and encourage you, fostering your growth into a distinguished entrepreneur within the
Dream Builders Collective.

Marseil Jackson

Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO of the Dream Center, Marseil is a celebrated entrepreneur and community advocate from Chicago. Starting his first business at 15, he has expertly blended business acumen with a passion for community upliftment. Through initiatives like being the Co-Host of the Brunch Bunch, he empowers local entrepreneurs with the resources and support to succeed. 

Mariah Cater

Community Director
Serving as our Community Director at the Dream Center, Mariah stands at the forefront of nurturing and expanding our vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. With a keen focus on fostering meaningful connections and empowering community members, Mariah orchestrates engaging events and programs that catalyze professional growth and collaboration. 

Aaron Kul

Community Assistant
Aaron Kul, serving as the Community Manager at the Dream Center, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation and engagement within our entrepreneurial community. With a sharp eye for detail and a warm approach to member relations, Aaron facilitates a dynamic, interactive environment where members can access resources, share ideas, and collaborate seamlessly. 

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As part of our community, you'll be joining a network of ambitious and forward-thinking individuals who are all on a mission to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Whether you're looking to start your first business or scale an existing one, the Dream Center's Dream Builders Collective offers a unique blend of support, inspiration, and opportunity.
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